Hop-up camera type M4



Hop-up camera  manufactured  CNC in aluminum for models of M4 and M16.

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Hop-up camera this designed to feed any check mark of loaders of M4 - M16.
Thanks to distance and we will not have measures of the feeding device of balls that to look for some specific loaders stops our marking.
Great reduce in the lateral to be able to pass looseness the cables toward the marking front.


The lateral threaded tetones in addition to be the guides to fit in the cannon outside are useful for securing the interior cannon being left this strongly fastened no having problem then that get out of our hop the clip.
We can make a correct cleanliness then thanks to this sujeccion of the interior cannon of the same without fear to turn the cannon and to change the throw that way.
Even you can wash up right now with the rods of cleanliness that are  used in the arms of 22.


The chamber with the gearbox has a screw to regulate the distance of the camera with the superior body in order that always it fit well perfect.
This way we do not have problem to introduce a loader of balls that the camera move us forward and doing in consequence that the nozzle not close perfect and have fps's loss.


The hop's regulation in extremely simple and very soft but the regulation with vibrations, thing are not  moved to have for the position of the gears very in account when we want constant precision.