Maintenance of the marking.

The first thing that we have to take into account, he is than;

A reply IS NOT a machine industrial that needs being
Once each X was  greased hours and that it works continually
During long uninterrupted time as if to throw it
I eat especial greases give them lithium

All the replies come from factory with a grease in them
A little gears dense, perfect for his functioning.

If we threw especial greases to him we can have the problem
To degrade the plastics that you may have in the pieces of the
The Gearbox's inside, that uncounted with than some greases
That to him so music is added on flowed than with almost
They begin temperature to jump the queue for any orifice
Turning that way our reply into something grease-stained than little
In a short while you will run out of grease in the gears.

They right now come with an especial grease in the inside of the piston of
Not much friction, if we changed it for another one we can deteriorate
Tórica of the piston and depending on the density of her joins it
Grease that we throw it's possible that we do that you lose
Potency in the shots.

I recommend to CHANGE OVER them greases throughout it
Gearbox that they come by default, if you fire a shot badly, by far
Noise, a lot of consumption or he will be with not much potency owed to
Another problem, like too many washers in the gears or
Some interior defect of the very Gearbox or coupling of the motor.

What it relates to the internal cannons with, when you jump with
Good balls and cleanings, they do not leave the minor dirtiness trail
In the inside of the cannon.
If we cleaned with the cleaning rod the cannon without dismounting, we run the
Risk to join the border of hop's gum when pulling out
Or if you have dust, to introduce it inward.
He is in order to clean the cannon, the best well to dismount it integer, but
This, I right now say, you are unnecessary pulling with good balls and you do the cleaning