That is he the D.A.D?

Where You Point Das.

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Box, in hop's camera, in the cannon in the nozzle, is a series of mechanizations and corrections in the gear....

Everything this to get hold of that there be no air leaks between the pieces where the air under pressure will circulate .

You make out an especial custom-made nozzle of aluminum, with tóricas outside and inside to get leaks zero

Between the head of cylinder nozzle, nozzle interior cannon.


                                                         Detail of the nozzle manufactured custom-made.


Many problems caused by the lip of the gum of the hop have the majority of the marking, the principal consequence is a

short life for the wear of the step of the balls.



It is modified to couple hop's gum without lip in the D.A.D., it is a standard gum but once the east was  cut.

The closing between nozzle and interior cannon is perfect.

He is  gotten hold of with it that the gum last as much as the life of the marking.




Interior prepared cannon stops to house hop's gum without lip.

Also you have another tórica in order that the cannon jumping over the piece that holds the cannon not move around to the back

You are a problem to hop's camera, this very common that it uses to happen.

The inside of hop's camera to get a perfect lace from the interior cáñón gets modified .

The mechanisms of regulation of hop's camera in order that they not move with the vibrations of her harden

Marking to the being triggered.

The gear's inside modifies box and some fundamental pieces itself, if necessary also it changes over of cylinder

With another type of window and the adjustable dock receipt to adjust the fps to potency as much as possible is  placed

That we want, in the course of time, if we lose a certain amount of potency we can raise her without need to dismount the gear

Box or the marking informs .

They mount also the adjustable dock receipt to him, for a bigger optimization of the dock, could have varied her

You increase the power of box without need to open the gear.



Sometimes you are necessary to manufacture an especial little helmet and to shoe hop's camera in order that there be no loosenesses

Between camera and gearbox.