Adjust  hop-up

To groso mode, this it is the trajectory that draws the ball when we have the removed hop.
You accomplish a rectilinear short trajectory and rapidly you make the curve toward the ground.
The ball has or uses to have the maximum output power, but without reach, to bigger output power
The principal is the rectilinear trajectory before the fall, but you do not use to surpass the 25 meters in the best
Of the cases.

This is the flight of the ball when we introduce the hop too much.
From the moment of the way out of the ball, this goes drawing an each time bigger parabola
Up, until potency loses and he decreases rapidly.
This flight, perhaps a little less placing of the accents, he is the one that many in the marking put
Thinking that you arrive further off, but the effective distance of the target does not get under control well.
The velocity of exit of the ball is the minor of the three examples.

This would be the most correct flight of the ball.
Put salt in straight line during some meters, next you take a little parabola up
That you make somebody support the ball during longer, stops next going descending little by little.
We have plenty of precision during a lot more distance and we can count with her
Dilute final parabola to arrive further off.

                                    Lateral adjustment



                                      Many times we came across this situation, all of balls irretrievably
                                      They move around towards the right or leftward.
                                      You have easy solution, you are enough with tilting the marking to the parabola just the opposite, stops
                                      Getting a right throw.
                                      These lateral deviations use to be normal due to the wind, that we be in slope
                                      Or let's have the I debase of facing the marking a little tilted.