Inner Barrel


This is a theme that is desirable to me to explain it to the people that they tell me that you put a longer cannon in order that you pull for them but straight line and but far away his reply.

Unlike a real weapon, than with a striate cannon to do the flywheel effect in a bullet cylinder conical to stabilize his trajectory, our cannons do not have stretch marks because it has to do with a spherical ball that to for to maintain their stabilization you base in the effect Magnus, the rotation of the ball provokes that the velocity of the flow on top of her be major than underneath, and the appearing of a difference of pressures that you create is  enforced bythe sustainer, that the fact that the ball delay longer in falling does with it.

In a real weapon to but cannon the bullet will leave to but gyroscopic velocity stops than with but gunpowder in the little helmet arrive further off and but we do not introduce estabilizada.Si to him but gunpowder to the little helmet not arrive further off and I do not want to get inside but in details.

It is  tried to spin the ball up in our case ( that it is what the hop's gum does ) and the one thing that depends on the distance that reach is increases the power of her of expulsion ( The fps ) and giving the touch made suitable with the interior ledge of the gum of the hop.

For it, to equal output power, you pilot the same subways, a ball, with a cannon of 25cm than with another one of 65cm.

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