the Balls

This is a difficult theme that to try, because now at all of the fields he calls for jumping with biodegradable balls and these use to become oval without difficulty.

For the proofs that I accomplish with the balls, I suggest, for the moment, balls G and G bio, so much in 0.20, 0.25 and 0.28 gms, because music them than better manufactured they are, they have the same weight each of the balls of the bag, they are round ( Any One can laugh, but not all the check marks of balls are it ... )

The biodegradable balls have the problem that are  distorted when smelling the humidity and to the direct exposition of the sun.

It is advisable, in rainy days or with excess of humidity, to have the shut tight bags with the silica little bag, when we supply with munitions and keep them.

Once once the departure was  played ( in that rainy or humid day ) putting the surplus balls of the loaders in another bag or to throw them directly, because if not we run the risk that be  swollen a little and next give us problems and once mixed with all the balls extropearemos the entire bag.

The balls inflated, although at a glance they do not stand out, can provoke the traffic hold-up in the hop up and or that they fly badly.