The metal batteries hydride they use to give us some surprises, most of all in
Cold mornings, after having them charging all night long match and allow us to with them
You win when we heard a HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...........Plof and at last the ball leaves .
These batteries yield many problems with the cold and they sole  themselves to break down without you planned ahead Ad.
The lypo take this problem from us, but they add other, to calculate the voltage
Adequate to our answer back and to our method of shot.
A lypo of 11,1v will probably have too much cadence in burst for one
Answer back than this release, however you come very well to pull in half-way ( to lengthen her
Duration of the contacts of the trigger is that to press the trigger of soft way but
Sign to the ending of your journey, before giving him again.
We have the bad habit to try to trigger faster throw within shooting range than in
Burst, getting with it that we not get to the end of the journey of the trigger in her
Majority of the shots and doing that an arch jump enter
The contacts instead of doing a firm contact ).
If you want firing a shot in burst and that they get to feed balls we will have than
Putting a lypo of 7,4V and, in order that last, that you come from 1200mah from now on probably
With 20C of unloading.